Leaf Peeping!

This weekly update thing is kinda lame, but there’s no more efficient way to keep track of everything I’ve been up to! haha

Yesterday was particularly memorable, went leaf peeping for the first time! (yeah, what a strange word!) Check out the gorgeous fall colours. We went to Mohawk Trail in East Massachusetts and I am totally giving up a trip to Miami this weekend for another round of THIS:ImageI spent an inordinate amount of time attending random public lectures at Harvard last week, and we visited two really inspiring programmes. I was getting a little over excited about all the different possibilities that I could explore in the year, so those visits really clarified what I wanted to do and how I wanted to go about doing that. That was really great.

Since this is the FUN blog, (for more serious posts check out thedesignatedlearner.wordpress.com) here are some pictures!


Rockin’ out at Community Music Works, Providence, Rhode Island!Image


Mis Amigos locos!


Mis Amigos Normalmentes jajaImage

Visit to the Arboretum!



As you can tell – it was a good day 🙂


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